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The Little Birth Company hypnobirthing programme

Are you worrying about your baby’s upcoming birth?

Do you want to learn tools and techniques that ensure you will have a calm, relaxed, empowered birth?

If so, the Little Birth Company is for you.

The Little Birth Company hypnobirthing programme is a full antenatal education programme which includes hypnosis and relaxation techniques. It differs from the ‘traditional’ hypnobirthing classes in that the emphasis is not on a drug-free homebirth, or any specific type of birth for that matter, just what is right for you and your baby and keeping you and your birth team calm, relaxed and in control.

The full course is taught across 4 lessons and includes:-

  • The basic physiology of birth
  • How to release any fears you have linked to pregnancy or birth
  • How to get yourself to a deeply relaxed state
  • How to use visualisation and breathing techniques to help you remain calm
  • The cocktail of birth hormones and how to encourage their production
  • How to put together a birth preferences list
  • Effective questioning techniques to better communicate with medical professionals
  • An amazing alternative to "directed pushing" in the second stage of labour
  • Active birthing positions

And SO much more!

Along with the classes you will receive:-

  • The Little Birth Company workbook which will enable you and your partner to continue your practice at home
  • Hypnobirthing and relaxation MP3s to use throughout your pregnancy and birth
  • Continued support from your instructor right up to and after your baby’s birth

Packages and Prices

The full Little Birth Company hypnobirthing programme one to one in the privacy of your own home £275

The full Little Birth Company programme with 2 or more couples (perfect if you have a group of friends who are pregnant) £225 per couple

Gift vouchers (perfect gift for a baby shower!)

Short of time? Then the Little Birth Company workshop will be perfect for you! £150

This includes:-

  • 3hr hypnobirthing workshop in your own home
  • The Little Birth Company manual
  • 3x hypnobirthing MP3s
  • Access to the closed The Little Birth Company community group

"Rachael is an inspirational mother and has helped me a lot with my last pregnancy keeping me motivated. Her knowledge is outstanding and I couldn’t think of anyone better for this job xx"

"We would definitely recommend Mamatoto Birthing. Rachael is an amazing, friendly and welcoming instructor and all the lessons were great.
The course really helped us for our first birth, especially the breathing techniques as it was a very fast birth with minimal pain.
She was very reassuring about going into labour (Taking away the negative thoughts) and was able to answer a lot of questions we had based on her own experience."