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Mamatoto Birthing

Your birth, Your way

Mamatoto – Swahili word literally translated as ‘Motherbaby,’ reflecting the concept that the mother and infant are one interrelated entity. What affects one, affects the other, what is good for one, is good for the other.

Welcome to Mamatoto Birthing and congratulations on your pregnancy!

So how are you feeling, I mean REALLY feeling about your upcoming birth? 
Maybe you are slightly anxious (or maybe even a lot) about letting go and surrendering to the birthing process, of taking your thinking brain out of the equation and letting your body get on with its job?
Perhaps you have had a previous birth that left you feeling disempowered and not listened to, and this time you want to know how to ask the right questions in a way in which you will be heard?
Possibly you feel bamboozled by the jargon surrounding your birth that the medical professionals use?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions then Mamatoto is definitely for you, explore my website to find out more!

Mamatoto Birthing provides support throughout pregnancy, before, during and after birth. Your birth and pregnancy is unique to you and should be respected and treated as such. Through Mamatoto you can learn the tools and techniques that will enable you to have a calm and relaxed birth, no matter what path your birth takes.

"After losing Chip and having a very unnatural birth I knew when having more children I would want to do it as naturally as possible. I did my research. Listened to everyone! And decided that hypnobirthing, using aromatherapy and a water birth would work for me. But ultimately a safe delivery was what I wanted. I got in contact with an old friend of mine Rachael who runs Mamatoto Birthing, she knows all about having the right birthing experience for you! Her page is brilliant, I just wish she was closer. I knew I could do this and with these positive affirmations close to hand I had the dream labour and birth. If Rach is local to you go see her, message her, just have a chat...she is amazing and brilliant at what she does. It's so awesome to be able to speak to someone who has not only learnt how to coach mothers but also has experienced the techniques she teaches first hand. Thank you so much Rach xxx"

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