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Mamatoto Testimonials

"I found Rachael extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating. I have been taking the capsules every day since my daughter was born 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say that I feel great, so much better than I felt following my two previous births. This is particularly amazing as it was my hardest labour by far! Thank you Rachael x"



"Highly recommend Mamatoto services. Rachael was friendly, helpful and professional throughout. Rachael took the time to call me and talk through all of my queries before I decided placenta encapsulation was right for me. She was able to drop off to my home everything needed, at quite short notice. Speed of service for drop off, placenta collection and return of capsules was excellent. Rachael went above and beyond; the lovely extras she delivered along with my capsules were lovely and really thoughtful. Thank you from the 3 of us xxx"

"Rachael has been utterly amazing! From the first contact to the delivery of the capsules was an easy enjoyable experience. The picture and dried umbilical cord is the most wonderful keepsake I will treasure forever. Thank you!"
"I was so impressed with the high level of professionalism Rachael displayed throughout our interactions. She arrived in a uniform which I wasn't expecting, but did give a very good impression. Her communication was thorough, as too were all the instructions. Which were easy to follow even after the birth in all the excitement and chaos. All of the storage equipment was clean and of a good quality.
Rachael arrived to collect my placenta, as the midwives were leaving my home and had my capsules back with me so quickly. They came beautifully packaged with her own logo on all the packaging, which again adds to the level of professionalism. The capsules made me feel euphoric, like I could take on the world and definitely helped me carry on as normal on only 6 hours sleep in 4 days. This was my last baby, but if I was to have another I'd definitely use her services again."
"100% recommend! Rachael's service was fab couldnt fault, received the placenta chiller pack well before expected due date, placenta was picked up from the hospital few hours or so after my little girl was born quite late at night too! Very cute little extras included with the pills that I was not expecting. THANK YOU! xx"
"Oh my goodness where do I start about such a wonderful person?!...
When I first spoke to Rachael over the phone I instantly knew this was the person I wanted to prepare my placenta for me. She was so knowledgeable, friendly, honest and spoke about the different options clearly. Because it all sounded SO good I went for the "Full Mum and Baby package" and the nearer I reached my due date the more excited I got to my postnatal recovery support by Rachael. We had an incredible (swift!) homebirth and just 2 hours of having our baby girl Rachael came over to collect my placenta but also make my placenta smoothie... it. was. DELICIOUS! Honestly the best smoothie I've had. Rachael only takes a walnut sized piece of the placenta and blends it with an array of fruit which she did in our kitchen so it doesn't get much fresher than that! I was feeling high on oxytocin after the birth but I can quite categorically say that about an hour after drinking thw smoothie I had energy like no other. Didn't even feel like I had given birth just 2 hours earlier. And now 1 week later after taking 6 days of placenta capsules I don't feel like I gave birth at all. My recovery has been mind-blowing. Stomach has massively shrunk, midwife was impressed how much my uterus had returned on day 6. My postpartum bleeding is SO light I wonder if it may even stop soon?! Rachael is an inspiration. Not only does she have this successful business (with other services!), but she works in the RAF, trains hard (always learning and educating herself), plus 2 gorgeous young children who obviously adore her. What an amazing role model they have! I don't know how she does it... but what I do know is that her passion drives her which is apparent from the first time you get in contact with her.
So... if you've read this far. That's awesome. Now pick up the phone and call her! You won't regret it... x"
"This is the second time I have had my placenta made into tablets and a smoothie and I couldn’t recommend it, and Rachael, enough. From the off-set Rachael was approachable and knowledgable and helped me make informed decisions about what kind of treatment would be best for my circumstances (with a 4 & 2-year-old, I needed energy the most!). She was also extremely professional, turning up at my house within three hours of me having my daughter and making my smoothie on site which I drank within 5 hours of giving birth. She then delivered my placenta pills (along with a lovely piece of personalised art and bath salts) the next day. The results were clear to see over the next few days as I felt healthy, my milk came in without any discomfort, my stitches healed quickly and I felt energised. Even the midwife commented on how well I was healing. Now, three weeks on and in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown, I am still feeling good and, most importantly, mentally strong and I feel like this is mainly down to my pills. It’s a very weird time to have a newborn and I’m getting no rest as my husband had gone back to work and I also have to look after my 4 and 2-year-old on very little sleep. That said, I feel much more energised that I would have thought and am feeling healthy and happy. Thank you Rachael - you have been amazing from start to finish! And if I were to have another baby (never going to happen!), I’d be back to you in a flash! Xx"
"I felt completely at ease with Rachael from the very first conversation we had. She was knowledgeable, caring and clearly very passionate about her  work. Such key elements for me when choosing a service like this. I would absolutely have no hesitation to use her services again should we be lucky enough to have a third baby."
"Oh my, the ritual of honouring my placenta felt incredible. Rachael is a great friend which made it even more special and her busy in the kitchen preparing my smoothies was super exciting! They tasted soooo good and really boosted my mentality. I was so in awe of how this majestic organ can be utilised to support a mother's after birth care and thoroughly believe my treatments gave me more energy and closeness to my baby girl! I would absolutely recommend to everyone that they consider placenta remedies - they're magic!"
"Rachael Ruddock is amazing she is so caring and it shows just how much she loves what she does! I'm her first returning customer! I had such a beautiful experience with her with my little boy in 2019 I knew 100% I would use her again. I have had several days that I had totally forgot to take my capsules, but being a mother of 4 small children it's expected! Brilliant is all!"