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The Benefits of Hiring a Doula - Guest Blog

My blog today is written by the lovely Kimberley Boyd, doula, hypnobirth instructor and all round birthing womens champion! We connected when I moved up to Lincolnshire and have worked together on a few things. I am an absolutely massive advocate of hiring a birth doula, my eldest's birth while my husband and I were informed, we were coerced during birth and have quite a traumatic birthing experience. With the births of our second and third babies we hired a doula and in all honesty the difference was amazing, knowing we had someone there to support us, fight our corner if needed and protect our birth space was invaluable. That's my 2 pence worth so I'll now pass on to Kimberley the expert...

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My post dates homebirth after a cesarean (HBAC)

And just like that, the fourth trimester is over and my (not so) little boy is 12weeks old!

It's so cliche but I have literally no idea where the time has gone, it went fast after H bomb's birth but this was a whole other level.

In that time we've moved house, Jay's been working away, we've had 2 hospital stays, 1 A&E dash, a last minute operation, H and C starting at new school and nursery and also starting a new job, now I write it down like this it's very clear to see where our time's gone!

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What do adults talk about these days?

So... the time has come to return to the world of adulting. After 12 months of maternity leave (it can't be that long can it? I swear I only gave birth a month ago) I'm going back to work full time. Although it's to a new job. And a new area. And a new house. My stomach's doing somersaults just thinking about it. 

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My tiny army mutiny

Well, where to start? This is my first time ever blogging so please bear with me! I was going to start with how magical and nourishing to the soul being a mother is, but not today, not after today. The day which culminated in me having a public meltdown in Starbucks and sobbing into my oat milk decaff toffee nut latte (no matter how much I need the caffeine, I have a baby that I’ll be peeling off the ceiling if I so much as sniff caffeine).

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