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What do adults talk about these days?

Categories: Work
Tags: Mum guilt, Working mum

So... the time has come to return to the world of adulting. After 12 months of maternity leave (it can't be that long can it? I swear I only gave birth a month ago) I'm going back to work full time. Although it's to a new job. And a new area. And a new house. My stomach's doing somersaults just thinking about it. 

Being in the military I thought I'd gotten used to having to move every few years but it's so much more stressful and emotional now we're a family. We've found the girls a lovely childminder though so at least that's sorted. 

Also, what do grown-ups actually talk about nowadays??? I think the deepest conversation I've had in the past month is with my 2 year old about why she's started sniffing her dad's socks. I'm really hoping my adult brain will kick in when it needs to and operate on a higher level than being able to distinguish between which of my darling daughters has pooped on smell alone (a knack I'm strangely proud of).

What's really bending my head though is the mum guilt about going back, am I doing the right thing? Will the girls still be mummy's girls? I really hope when they both grow up they'll realise I always tried my best for them and did what I thought was right.

Anyone else get these feelings on going back to work after maternity leave?