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Closing the Bones Ceremony

Closing the Bones is a beautiful massage ceremony which originated in Ecuador. It supports the new mother, aiding her recovery after birth and gives her time to rest and reflect.

During pregnancy and birth the pelvis relaxes and widens, the Closing the Bones massage eases the pelvis back to stability with a combination of rebozo scarf sifting and gentle warming abdominal massage.

In many traditions, the Closing the Bones massage is given multiple times in the Fourth Trimester. However, there is still great benefit in the massage even if your baby was born last month, last year or last decade!

Closing the Bones is very much about ‘Mothering the Mother.’ A tradition that has been lost in Western culture. And is the perfect way to honour your beautiful body after carrying and birthing your baby.

£60 per massage

£200 course of 4