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Placenta Specialist

Placenta encapsulation; the best gift you can give yourself after the birth of your baby.

Women have been consuming their placenta after birth for centuries, encapsulation is a safe and easy way to carry on this tradition and reap the many benefits.

I am a trained placenta specialist and did my training with the International Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN). In addition to this I also hold certificates in Level 2 Food  Hygiene and Safety For Manufacturing, Level 2 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Basic Infection Control. I am also a member of the Placenta Remedies Network.

Reported benefits of consuming your placenta:-

  • Improved breast milk production
  • Reduced instance of postpartum haemorrhage (when taken within 1hr of birth)
  • Helps to ward off postnatal depression
  • Increased energy postpartum
  • Increase in CRH (stress-reducing hormone)
  • Restoration of iron levels
  • Thyroxin which helps in returning to your pre pregnancy weight
  • Vitamin B6 which aids in the formation of antibodies

There are 2 methods for processing your placenta into capsules, the first is the traditional steamed method and the second is the raw method. During the steamed method, the placenta is first steamed with ginger, lemon and chilli and then dehydrated, with the raw method, the placenta is dehydrated straightaway.

Prices and Packages

All prices include the loan of a chiller pack and everything you will need to safely store your placenta following your baby's birth

And whatever option you pick you will receive a FREE  cord keepsake and a FREE placenta print

£200 Encapsulation (steamed or raw)

£225 Encapsulation 50/50 steamed/raw

Each placenta, depending on its size, will yield between 90-180 capsules. These can be taken daily for their postpartum benefits, used for the first menstrual cycle after your baby has arrived for the boost of hormones or stored in deep-freeze for use during the menopause.

Additional remedies when purchasing encapsulation:

£50 Placenta oil

A potent blend of apricot kernel oil enriched with your placenta. Full of stem cells and vitamins, perfect to use on its own or to add to yours and your baby's skin and bodycare products.

£40 Placenta Smoothie (with banana and frozen berries).

The highest level of birth hormones and stem cells are found in the raw placenta which is why a smoothie is so effective immediately following birth particularly if you have had a post partum haemorrhage. It tastes just like a breakfast smoothie!

£30 Placenta essence

The placenta essence holds the power to heal you and your baby through times of transition, emotional upheaval or hormone imbalances (teething, developmental leaps, the menopause). Can be used as a rescue remedy.

£60 Placenta tincture

Placenta tincture is a long lasting liquid form of your capsules and is made from a piece of placenta from the maternal side, it is steeped in alcohol, oscillated daily for 6 weeks to make a strong remedy which will last indefinitely. It is particularly useful for use during the menopause. The tincture can be made at a later date from a placenta pill.

£60 Homeopathic Placenta Remedy

The homeopathic remedy can be used for life for you and your baby. As the placenta was your baby’s life source whilst in the womb, the homeopathic remedy will help bring balance during times of illness, stress or emotional challenges, healing on an energetic and vibrational level.

£20 Framed placenta print

A beautiful ‘tree of life’ print unique to you and your baby, a keepsake to be treasured.


£250 ‘Mother the Mother' Package

Raw or steamed method capsules
Placenta Smoothie
Placenta Essence
Framed placenta Print

£350 Full Mum and Baby Package

Raw or steamed method capsules
1 Placenta Smoothie
Placenta Essence
Placenta Tincture
Homeopathic placenta remedy
Framed placenta Print

Prices are for services within a 20mile radius of Shefford, further than this I add a charge of 40p per mile (collection of placenta and delivery of remedies).

If you would like to discuss any other packages or collection of remedies please contact me.

For more information on placenta encapsulation and the different types of remedies available check out

"Baby's home and doing well and I have to tell you the placenta capsules are incredible! I was getting really nauseous in the hospital and the minute I started taking the capsules it went away so I feel more balanced and relegated than I ever did with my first and I have Rachael to thank for that!"