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My tiny army mutiny

Categories: Parenting
Tags: meltdown

Well, where to start? This is my first time ever blogging so please bear with me! I was going to start with how magical and nourishing to the soul being a mother is, but not today, not after today. The day which culminated in me having a public meltdown in Starbucks and sobbing into my oat milk decaff toffee nut latte (no matter how much I need the caffeine, I have a baby that I’ll be peeling off the ceiling if I so much as sniff caffeine).

Whether this is your first, second or 23rd baby, this shit is hard! We’d just been to my eldest’s dance class (I signed her up thinking I was the epitome of middle-class yummy mummy, I’m not, and the real ones can smell me out a mile off) and as the familiar tunes started, my dear darling daughter decided now was not the time for dancing, now was the time to revolt. I was hit, her sister was pushed/headbutted/had a dance ribbon poked in her eye whilst all of the other mums danced about with their little cherubs and tried to ignore when my eldest bared her teeth at them.

Days like today are hard, doubly hard when you’ve got it into your head that you have to be the ‘perfect’ parent. But when you sit and think about it, your children aren’t perfect 24/7 so why do you need to be? At least that’ll be what I’ll be clinging to tonight as I’m no doubt crying into my Pinot Grigio again!